Another week, another Protein Quiz

Well, I just had another quiz in my Protein Structure and Function class, another one with NO bearing on the material covered in class. How would you do?
1. Sally is using Mass Spectroscopy for a technique called Dynamic Ion Chromatography (Druid’s note: no, the class doesn’t know what this is either, so don’t feel left out) which can analyze polypeptides based on their size. She runs the polypeptide PEAPK and expects to see four peaks. Why does she expect this, and and is she right in her expectation? Why or why not?

2. Could a stand of poly-D leucine and a stand of poly-L leucine form a B sheet? Why or why not?

Amazingly enough, number two is actually a question somewhat related to in class work… Unfortunately, we had 8 minutes to do this quiz. Needless to say, people did NOT do well, myself among them.

But– this class ends in 3 weeks. Huzzah! I love the material covered, but the quizzes are totally worthless to the learning experience.

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1) Four peptide bonds?
2) Hell… um… er… honestly, I know nothing about the mechanics of B-sheet formation, so I’ll just guess and say no, because of the mixing of hydrophobic and hydrophilic tails, but, again, that’s a SWAG

Owen - October 12th, 2004 at 4:25 pm

Gah, RESIDUES, not TAILS. Damn lipid/peptide chemistry terminology mixups.

Owen - October 12th, 2004 at 4:27 pm

<---organismal biologist 1. Four peaks told her to expect it. 2. B-sheets??? You're talking about B-sheets when California is in danger of voting for a democratic nominee???? MY GOD MAN!! HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING???! If Kerry gets elected, the gays will marry so much that we won't even notice when John Q. Bin Laden strolls right in and starts bombing babies. Little babies. And it will all be the fault of democrats!!! Damn the democrats to hell for they shall surely welcome terrorists into our borders!!!!!! AND YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT B-SHEETS?!?!?! See, Bush taught me that enough obfuscation and you'll never get negative reactions or have to own up to wrongs, so those answers right there are straight up full credit picks.

Jon - October 17th, 2004 at 1:09 am

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