Roll Call

Over in the forum version, we had a pretty good roll call going on.. So here it is again. Feel free to add yourself, if you’re not there already (or even if you are!)
Real Name: What? Paradoxdruid is a real name! But Andrew, if you insist.
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Occupation: Professional Student (a.k.a. going for a PhD in Bio-Engineering)
Religious/Political Stuff: Taoist and leaning towards Libertarian, but maybe Socialist
Last Major Vacation: Italy and France… yea!
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: Australia, China, or Egypt
Interests: Roleplaying games, Computers, Linux, Science Fiction, Biochemistry, Hiking, Punk Music, Roleplaying Games, Card Games, Nature, and Tapirs.
Computer on which I’m typing this post: Enoch, my ageing Dell Dimension 8100, which dual-boots WinXP (for games!) and Debian GNU/Linux (for real tasks)
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: Spiced Chai Latte
Shocking Secret: Didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 18 years old!

Real Name: Teisha (And no, I didn’t make it up.)
Age: 21
Location: Boulder bubble, trying to escape but the micelle’s hydrophobic forces are just too strong…
Occupation: Professional Student (a.k.a. been here four years and I’m trying to graduate before I get burnt out)
Occupation Plan After Graduation: Was thinking vet school for a while, but completely ruled that out. Now I’m struggling with either graduate school or something else…
Religious: Agnostic and I’d like to say leaning towards Buddhism/Taoism but I’m clearly not educated on the subject enough…
Political: Quite liberal democrat, probably a bit too far left.
Last Major Vacation: Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic… (Summer ’03)
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: (Santa Barbara! And then maybe) England.
Interests: reading, writing, 60s/70s music, long-haired dogs, classical music, playing piano/guitar, composing/improvising on piano, science (molecular bio), history, English, FFVII & FFIX, long-haired dogs, comedies, politics, Simpsons, animals/pets, Frisbee
Computer on which I’m typing this at?: Bits and pieces which actually work now after having had issues for a while…
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: Steamed milk, if I must choose.
Shocking Secret: I… live with my parents (I know, I could have done better).
How you know Druid: (thought this would be a good one to add) Met him at one of Josh’s parties, though apparently we already had a bunch of friends in common.

Real Name: Um… Owen
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Occupation: Keyboard monkey
Religious/Political Stuff: Democract, liberal, agnostic
Last Major Vacation: England and Scotland last May
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: France
Interests: They are legion
Computer on which I’m typing this post: My Frankenstein-esque home job
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: Medium skinny almond latte (The barristas at the local shop know this, too)
Shocking Secret: My hair? All synthetic.
How you know Druid: Let’s see, my Intro Bio lab partner and my physics lab partner sat together at the front of the intro bio lecture, so I went and sat with them, knowing nobody else. Druid was also sitting there. He had facial hair, too, so it was either going to have to be friendship or mortal combat with Mach 3s.

Real Name: Jim
Age: 23
Location: Boulder or close enough
Occupation: Soon to be unemployed
Religious: My own
Political: I vote democrat but tend towards being a socialist
Last Major Vacation: Cleveland I think
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: Austriala, England Titan
Interests: reading, computer games, science (molecular bio), history, animals, the paranormal, sci fi
Computer on which I’m typing this at?: The one I have had for several years now?
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: Anything not coffee.
Shocking Secret: I am actually an optimist….. Smile
How you know Druid: Sweet Zombie Jesus, lets see he was walking with Ben complaining about how he was worried that his internal clock battery on his hard drive would die and he would lose all his data. I think that the first time that Andrew appeared as a being in my mind. Oh that was back in 1996 highschool.

Real Name: Amy… or if you want to go all the way back, the Chinese name is Ying-hui
Age: 22
Location: Goleta/Santa Barbara
Occupation: professional student… BMSE program but during my interview someone suggested me to switch over to MCDB @.@
Religious: buddhism
Political: left, liberal, but I never voted…
Last Major Vacation: Taiwan (April~August) and Japan (one week in May)
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: again… Taiwan and Japan… sometime after my graduation from this program and my first real job i’m going to spend at least one month in Kyoto area… start saving money now. maybe Greece or Italy if I could afford
Interests: Snoopy, animation, fantasy, arabidopsis, reading, husky and golden retriever, tiramisu, plants, travel, manga, beagle, coffee, strawberry shortcake, music, signaling cascade, latte, dessert and anything sweet in general
Computer on which I’m typing this at?: some kind of old PC in the lab which is the second time i’m using it… killing time before i can do the EtBr essay alignment
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink(s): uh… make it plural may I? grande iced vanilla or caramel latte in summer, caramel macchiato or gingerbread latte in winter… in my college days I was addicted to tiramisu latte… and also bittersweet chocolate mocha was good too, definitely with the whipped cream… you know, Santa Barbara is really a nice place if those espresso bar people can just stop asking me what I meant by “grande”…
Shocking Secret: I did not register for this account on my own… I didn’t know it exists until I got the notifying email in my inbox….. oh yeah btw this is the first time I post.
How you know Druid: 2004 BMSE grad program interview, looking very much like a current grad student himself…

Real Name: Andy
Age: 21
Location: Boulder, but Copenhagen until the end of December
Occupation: Student (MCDB and Biochem)
Religious: Atheist
Political: Liberal, though I found it pretty amusing when I was talking politics with a Dane and he said I was pretty conservative for Denmark
Last Major Vacation: Uh, does being in Denmark count as a vacation? Otherwise I just got back from a week in Paris
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: Again, living in Europe affects this some, there’s a few places I’ll be trying to go to for weekend trips.
Interests: Reading (mostly scifi or fantasy, but just about anything that seems interesting.), camping, biology
Computer on which I’m typing this at?: Mac in the computer lab at my program’s main building. Oh how I miss having my own computer
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: chai latte
Shocking Secret: I don’t have any secrets, just never ask me about that one thing. javascript:emoticon(‘Very Happy’) Actually I don’t have much problems with telling people something, so if you don’t know it’s probably just because the subject hasn’t come up.
How you know Druid: We actually went to the same high school, though we didn’t really start hanging out until college after I met shortspeedfreak

Real Name: well.. it’s Li, my last name actually, my first name is actually too hard to be pronounced by you caucasions!!!
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Occupation:BMSE grad student
Religious/Political Stuff: Try hard to have one relegion but just cannot believe in anything (my poor spiritual life …), maybe like budhism a little bit compare to others.
Last Major Vacation: Raleigh, NC
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: Utah, Colorado, Yosemite, Grand Canyon
Interests: Hiking, Rock Climbing, Hanging out in the Mt., Camping, Card Games, Travel, and Reading, and 60s and 80s music.
Computer on which I’m typing this post: Amy’s computer..
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: I dont have a special preference, black coffee actually works better
Shocking Secret: I have a secret crush on J.R.R. Tolkien (as you can see maybe it’s not a secret at all if you know what athelas is)…. Mr. Green
How You Know Druid: The very first time I met Andrew was in January early this year at the recruitment interview, and I told myself, this guy doesn’t look easy going, maybe HOSTILE! It turned out to be totally WRONG! I am glad it’s wrong! Smile

Lord Toolater
Real Name: Stephen Scott Alexander Wasko III (In 5 years Dr Stephen Scott Alexander Wasko III… god willing)
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Occupation: Future Nobel Prize winner, though currently test tube jockey
Religious/Political Stuff: Quaker (though I haven’t been to meeting in a while) and Liberal as they come.
Last Major Vacation: Dodging Charlie in Vietnam, dodging landmines in Cambodia, and dodging opium (well, actually gravitating towards it) in Laos
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: Cuba, Iceland, or New Zealand (though it’ll probably be back to Japan to see my girlfriend)
Interests: Rock climbing, snowboarding, surfing… as you can see I’m very X-treme and/or Totally Awesome Wink, comic books, friends, movies, Japan, chess, my dog, and my girlfriend (save the best for last)
Computer on which I’m typing this post: Amy’s laptop. But if I were home, it would be from my G4, which if you type in all caps comes out to G$ Powerbook
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: Hot Cocoa. Caffine and me don’t mix well
Shocking Secret: I have a body pierce that none of you get to see.
How I know the Druid: I saw a really annoying person with a beard and long hair in Santa Barbara and punched him in the nuts. Then Andrew showed up and kicked him in the face. We’ve been friends ever since.

Real Name: Jonathan Heckmann
Age: 23, 24 in May
Location: Wichita, Kansas…hopefully somewhere else when fall rolls around.
Occupation/Plan after Graduation: Well, at the moment I’m getting an MS in biology, primarily because I was a slacker in undergrad. After the ol’ MS, I’m looking for a PhD in Behavioral Ecology which will pretty much lock me into teaching college the rest of my life.
Religious: Don’t give a flying f**k–guess that makes me atheist until the second coming
Political: Independent–although if we use modern republican politicians as the standard of republican politics, then I am way left
Last Major Vacation: Oh holy crap….Er…that would be…I guess…Boston and Virginia the summer of ’01
Next Place I’d Like to Vacation: I suppose that would be anywhere where I can either a) get lost in a forest and watch wildlife or b) go SCUBA diving
Interests: Slacking, reading sci-fi, RPGs, PC games, the torrents, classical music
Computer I’m typing this at: The ol’ one and a half year old dell Inspiron 600m PM 1.3 (clocks at 2.1 or so because of the 1MB cache)
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: White chocolate mocha…or something with a hard liquor I can’t taste
Shocking Secret: I’ve only ever slept with one woman–still sleeping with her, so not quite as pathetic as it sounds
How you know Druid: Hrmmm….I suppose I know Andrew as my best bud from preschool through ninth grade. Lost contact with the ol’ boy when Thunderridge HS gave him a whole lot more friends to worry about, and caught back up to him over the last two and a half years.

courbes elliptiques
Real Name: Jeanine
Location: Great White North
Occupation: academic-in-training
Religious/Political Stuff: decidedly undecided
Last Major Vacation: Argentina (home)
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: Russia, Spain, Iceland
Interests: most things; I have a perverse mind
Computer on which I’m typing this post: A computer called “Pappus” in the “Keyser Research Centre”
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: I drink only tea.
Shocking Secret: I once had a crush on Tucker Carlson (pathetic, but true) and an “historical” crush on Goethe (quoted below.)

3 Responses to “Roll Call”

“Interests: They overlap with most of yours, actually.”

Really? You like Frisbee too?

Teisha - February 2nd, 2005 at 10:10 am

Real Name: Jen!
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Occupation: College-ing it up, with 4 part-time jobs, graduating in May.
Religious/Political Stuff: Sort of Democratic, tend to be Christiany, not devout about either
Last Major Vacation: Went to Maui for a week over Winter Break
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: Italy
Interests: They overlap with most of yours, actually.
Computer on which I’m typing this post: A Compaq, and I’m proud of it!
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: Hot chocolate!
Shocking Secret: I wait at least 2 months between changing my sheets. I’m the only one between them, so I’ve never seen a problem with this approach.
How you know Druid: Oh man, I saw him from across the room, and was instantly infatuated. Really, we started talking online first, when I was an innocent 8th grader, and my heart cried out at the intelligence and piercing wit of this AJB12 character. Then he was in my French class in 9th grade, and in true 9th grader style, I wouldn’t talk to him. We started hanging out junior year, and he turned out to be a decent person (thank goodness, or I would have forever questioned my taste in men). Good catch, Teisha!

Fleepy - February 2nd, 2005 at 12:09 am

Real Name: Ben
Location: Parker, CO (SE Denver)
Occupation: Spa Sales right now, but will be in Banking soon
Last Major Vacation: What’s a vacation?
Next Place I’d like to Vacation: Will most likely be in Mexico on my Honeymoon
Interests: Sports, anything in the playoffs; Video Games, hooked into EverCrack 2 right now; and I guess you could say I’m interested in my fiance and our zoo of pets.
Computer on which I’m typing this post: Actually at work right now, but I have a basic EMachine that I threw an ok video card and a gig or RAM in.
Favorite Coffee Stand Drink: Bold Strong Coffee
Shocking Secret: None that I can think of =P
How you know Druid: Met the Dr00d freshman year of highschool =)

Gakumen - August 12th, 2005 at 10:12 am

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