Sometimes I feel it’s good to sit back and examine your life, keeping track of recent milestones… and boy, do I ever have a few.

  • I chose my lab and PI for the next 4 and a half years.. Norbert Reich won, folks. I’m really excited. He’s a brilliant man, which means it’ll be easier to work for him without getting resentful of authority figures, the lab is doing amazing research, and I think it’s a good “fit” for me.
  • I’m blissfully happy in my relationship with Teisha, which is (this is sad, yes) my longest continuous relationship, and certainly my most fulfilling. Thanks Teisha!
  • I rebuilt my computer to go from aging curmudgeon to stylish dynamo. Totally meaningless to most people, but makes a gadget freak like me happy, especially since the upgrade was frought with peril (peril!).
  • I’ve now been in Santa Barbara for over half a year, and I’m really starting to feel comfortable here. I’ve got friends, a neighborhood I know, and weather to kill for.
  • I learned an expensive lesson after having my largest phone bill ever… Over 1000 minutes. Refer to Teisha above for an explanation. 😉

Anyone else have recent milestones?

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“Anyone else have recent milestones?”

Seems like there’s a resounding “no”… or people just don’t like to share, for some odd reason (even though there are over a dozen comments to the post above and below this one).

Not sure I can write anything quite as exciting as PD (well, except for the relationship part 🙂 ), but I did get a new cell phone last weekend to address that last bulleted milestone of PD’s up there…

Teisha - March 13th, 2005 at 12:03 pm

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