Welcome to the real world

Well, I’ve now started by new research position, a job that (hopefully) I’ll be holding for another 4 years or so. God, that’s a long time. But it’s really a great growing process, and like any growing process, accomplishing one thing makes you notice all the other things you haven’t yet accomplished. So, without further ado: What are your short/mid term goals? I’ll tell ya mine. 🙂
Essentially, I’ve realized I don’t have quite the rippling body that I used to have (in my dreams, that is), and that I know need to watch money more than ever before. Yet, at the same time, I finally have the freedom to start working on other hobbies.

  • Workout at least twice a week, for at least an hour each time
  • Pack a healthy lunch at least 3 days a work week, eat healthy dinner at home at least 5 days a full week
  • Bite the bullet, sit down, and write out a full budget plan
  • Buy a trumpet by May 1st. Schedule lessons by June 1st.
  • Write up 2 to 3 one-shot adventures to have on hand for visiting friends
  • Work on posture– think about new, supportive chair

I guess that a lot of these seem really mundane, but I feel very mature and… content, perhaps, that I’m starting to think about looking out for myself in some healthy ways.

What immediate goals do you guys have?

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To pass my midterms and then my ever-approaching-but-still-seemingly-far-away finals.

And of course there are the more general goals that apply to just about everyone graduating from college — how to get an income (grad school, med school, McDonald’s, or what-not), and how to accumulate left-overs from that income to achieve other goals (a family, a house, nonessential consumerism goodies, and all that other stuff). And there’re hopefully some non-material goals in there too somewhere (such as keeping in shape (i.e. feeling good about yourself), and maintaining hobbies that keeps your mind going, as you mentioned)…

But really, you’ve got quite a healthy attitude here — “accomplishing one thing makes you notice all the other things you haven’t yet accomplished” — I’m sure you’re aware that there are plenty of people (maybe even a majority of them) who don’t look at life like this at all, but after one accomplishment feel it is time to celebrate and do not look to creating any future milestones for a while.

Teisha - March 30th, 2005 at 12:49 am

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