Dreams of Power

I had a dream this morning where I found out I could move things with my mind (Telekinesis), but all wasn’t roses: I couldn’t control it very well, and the Army was forcing me to join.
In the dream, I was taking a standardized test of some sort, and I was probably still in high school. There was a really hard problem, and I was focusing a lot… and didn’t realize all the people freaking out around me, gasping. When I finally looked up, erasers, pencils, and other classroom stuff was orbiting around me. Suddenly, in that dream-sense way, I knew that I had psychic powers, but that whenever I got emotional they would activate on their own. The next memory of the dream was a fast-forward to several months later, when I’m sitting on a cot in an army barrack, talking with my fellow soldiers while they clean their guns. I’m playing solitaire while my gun cleans itself behind me. I’m talking to them about how they’re all great guys, but it stinks that “the Man” made me join up because of my talents. Surprisingly, I know that everyone their thinks highly of me, and doesn’t think I’m a freak. Then, I woke up.

I actually have dreams of Telekinesis more oftne than I would like to admit. It’s always been a fascination of mine.

Anyway, just a dream, since I feel like posting on the blog, and not a whole lot has happened to me lately.

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Surprisingly, from my own experience and after doing a quick google search it turns out that dreaming you’re telekinetic does not seem to be that uncommon. Just for fun, a little Dream Moods Dictionary website has a dream dictionary explain telekinetic dreams as:

“Telekinesis: To dream that you are telekinetic, represents a higher level of awareness and consciousness. You are not utilizing your full potential and need to start putting your stored energy levels and mental abilities to use. In other words, your dream may imply that you need to put your thoughts into action. For some, dreams of telekinetic powers may indicate your latent paranormal abilities.”

Stretching the things to fit the prediction/description as one often does with their horoscope, you could say this is because you’re worried you haven’t been studying enough for your defense… and I know you are worried, even though I’m sure you’ll do fine. Especially that mixed with the stress of joining the army in your dream makes it more believable. However, because people thought highly of you in the dream makes it seem more like you also have confidence in your abilities to get things done as well.. which I also know you do 🙂 (The last bit about latent paranormal abilities is only something you can figure out 😉 ) So, how’s that for a dream analysis?

Strangely, I also quite often have dreams about having telekinetic abilities. However, the most common ability I have in dreams is flying, which seems to be even more common than telekinesis — there’s a whole section on flying on that page as being a common dream. Basically, as I’ve always heard, it has to do with freedom…

What other common dream themes or power(s) have people here had?

Teisha - October 22nd, 2005 at 12:54 pm

This dream occured about two months ago,There was a death in my wife’s family about 11 months ago.It was her grandfather her family is very close so he is very much missed.(the dream)I dreamed that I was standing in a kitchen.He was standing next to me telling me a joke.In the dream I new that he had passed so I was happy to see him.I let him finish the joke.The joke was funny but I was not really paying attention I was more amazed that i was seeing him again.After the joke we laugh and it got quiet he was looking down at the ground.After a few seconds I grabbed his hand and told him Ben just acknowledge that I’m here with you.He shook his head no hugged me and vaished no words were said.right after that i woke in my dream(still dreaming in my dream) I remember seeing my daughter walking around the living room.i huuryed to tell my wife what the dream was about her uncle ronnie was the room to which is ben( the grandfather) youngest son he’s thirty.As I was telling him the dream he says yeah sometime i think he up there watching us protecting us from the monsters but not the one’s we kill(right here I assume “the one’s we kill” are the murders ,terrorised,people that can’t live by society’s rules).You see those souls are lost nobody wants to claim them.But the wierd thing is as he telling me this I look at him and its not ronnie but Ben the grand father telling me this to me.The dream ends and I wake up.This is just one of the many detailed dreams I have.I have numerous dreams of flying,scary dreams of defending my self actually beating some one down in defense.lucid dreams were I could do what i want as in control my dream.And also telekinisis were i could move stuff with my mind.I’ve been surfing the net trying to find ansewers and I hope some one reading this could maybe give me some insight of these dreams.I love to dream even if they are scary dreams I wake up with my heart pounding sweating thinking man that was tense then go back to sleep to try to finish it.My wife thinks I’m a wierdo but I’m not it would just be nice to know why I have them. Thanks for reading sorry so long.

joseph garcia - November 1st, 2005 at 7:31 am

I had a dream a couple weeks back maybe a month or 2. I dont remember it very well just that in my old house where i used to live, where my cousin lives now, i walked into what i guess was like a secret room with all types of knives hanging around the walls, i turn around and as i walk out the knives start to coming towards me i fun out the room but i realize i wont make it so i stop and i reach out with my left hand, and stop the knives in mid air which then all the knives stop.

Ricardo - March 3rd, 2007 at 8:57 pm

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