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Hey all, If you’re a CU-ite still (er, Teisha?) and you have easy access (like, go to website, click on link, free access because you’re connecting through CU or something) to the archives of the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Daily Camera, or other, can you see if there’s any reference to a fire/flood in the library?
If you can, and would, all’s I need is the newspaper’s name and date of issue. Thankye!

Got my 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month (which is why you didn’t see me in November). Got another ten thousand or so before it’s actually done, then, per Andrew’s request, I’ll be posting the rough draft for your reading pleasure.

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The Daily Camera doesn’t seem to have real organized archives — there are some articles on microfilm and videocasettes (?) at Norlin, but nothing came up with “library flood” or “library fire.” The Denver Post does have nice archives, but again nothing came up for those searches. The Rocky Mountain News came up with a bunch of stuff that didn’t look relevant… but, it wasn’t proxy-sensitive, so you could look through them if you wanted (it does charge per full article though).

However, I did find one article (below is just the free beginning) that might be what you’re looking for (from the Rocky Mountain News):


Published on September 24, 1998.

Camila Alire had been dean of libraries for eight days when the flood of 1997 crashed through the basement, damaging 470,000 books and journals.

A $20 million expansion and renovation of Colorado State University’s Morgan Library – almost done – suddenly was surrounded by Poudre River mud. The dedication of the new, improved library was put off for a year. Crews packed up books and sent them off to Dallas and Cheyenne to be freeze dried. Librarians scrambled to borrow journals… 615 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)

Hope that helped. And congrats on your 50,000 words — sounds like something I’d really like to do, once I’m done with school (14 days to graduation!).

teisha - December 2nd, 2005 at 11:46 am

Thank you very much. I’ll be passing this on to her.

Talked to the wife and apparently I got the information wrong.
She’s looking for information about an incident where somebody turned off the A/C in one of the libraries for the entire summer, and everybody returned to book sponges.
“Oops” doesn’t cover it in that situation, I bet.

For those curious: Jenny’s doing a project for her MLS degree on disaster planning in libraries (including “What not to do”). Her prof mentioned this, but she’s had a bitch of a time finding actual information on it.

And congratulations on the graduation Teisha!
You know, I often wonder, though have no way of knowing, whether or not my name was read at the graduation events in May ’02, Aug ’02, Dec ’02, and May ’03. I could hold the record at CU.

Owen - December 2nd, 2005 at 5:08 pm

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