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What with moving to a new state and all, I’ve been feeling the urge to revitalize the things around me. Not change, necessarily, mind you, just revitalize– for instance, I love my short sleeve buttoned shirts.. but I need some new ones.
Similarly, I’ve been feeling the urge to get some fresh, new music. But most of what I hear on the radio is garbage. So let’s share some new (to us, at least) music we’ve discovered, and think others should as well.
Personally, I’ve been kind of getting out of punk music. Not that I love it any less, but it’s always mostly been driving music to me.. and I’m not driving that much anymore.

I’ve been getting very much into Live, The Kingston Trio, Gravity Kills, and Counting Crows.

The only new music I’ve really snagged anytime at all recently has been Blue Man Group, which rocks!

I’ve heard some recommendations for some bluegrass, which sounds good… any more specifics?

My only proviso is that I’m trying (and occasionally failing, but trying) to boycott the Big 4 Labels of the RIAA, because they’re evil ™ .

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MOFRO! They’re indie.

And of late I’m enjoying Fastball (They were with a big label, I think, but aren’t anymore) and Poe (I don’t know her label status).

Owen - August 23rd, 2004 at 8:15 am

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