What’s your virtual poison?

Andrew’s very recently introduced me to Myst I and I know a lot of peeps are into the series. Are there any other series, or individual games, people really recommend? Of course, there are always a few qualifying factors…I like Myst I for a number of reasons: You can do a few puzzles and then quit, unlike other games that suck you in for hours at a time (alright, so Myst can suck you in too, but not as much or something?); It involves puzzle-solving instead of shooting or fighting; And it’s graphics are not too advanced for my computer to run… barely (I know, it’s really sad). There are a lot of other reasons too, such as I love some of the beautiful worlds that have been created in it.

Lately, I’ve also liked Civ3 a lot too. Yes, there can be a lot of fighting involved in this game too, but it’s more optional, and I am more interested in the expansion and research aspects of the game. Andrew also introduced me to Startopia but it, unfortunately, has a lot of glitches — I always get the feeling that it was finished too quickly to work out all the technical problems. But, those aside, it does make for an interesting single-player-vs.-computer game. And, well, I guess that’s about it for me with new games recently. Long ago, I loved FFVII and FFIX, but then the series became online and I lost interest. Are there any other oldies but goodies out there that people recommend, that, unlike online universe games, don’t suck you in for all the spare time you’ve got? (Ok, non-online ones can do this too, but are probably not as likely too.) Or, just fun, shorter games in general?

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Okay, so it’s no secret. But I really, really love The Sims. I own the Sims and the Sims 2 and all of the expansion packs that belong to each (7 for the first game and 3 (so far) for the second, unless you count “stuff” packs, in which case it’s 4). Anyway. They rock. I love to micromanage things. It’s fun to see what they’ll do in different environments and you make your own goals. In TS2, the sims age, have babies, die. They can go to college and (new ep!) can own and run their own businesses. So much fun! I love all the other games in the Sims series, too, like Sim Tower, Sim Ant, Sim Farm, and Sim City (though, SC4, not so much).

Also, I played Dogz and Catz, through all five iterations, save for the second. This includes the new Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS. Yes. It’s very sad. But I like simulations.

I also loved Civ 2, but never played enough Civ 3 or 4 to get into it, but they seem like really great games. And I, like you, Teisha, hate fighting. I always won Civ by research and expansion and culture (the little I played Civ 3).

ShortSpeedFreak - March 24th, 2006 at 10:50 am

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