Women are over-qualified for college

I just read an interesting article about how many college admissions boards struggle with the fact that there are too many qualified female applicants, especially in contrast to male applicants.

I noticed this first-hand with the recent MCDB recruitment for graduate school in which I participated. Of the 30 or so applicants who made it to interviews, only three were male. The linked article above suggests that it’s because Feminism has taught girls that to succeed in the “man’s world”, they must strive harder… and they’re succeeding far too well. They out-number the men motivated to do well in school and apply to college. They’re working much harder, and thereby competing with themselves.

Interesting thing to ponder– have we set girls’ goals too high? Are we teaching them to focus too much on success? Or(!), have we failed in our duty to inspire similar confidence and drive in boys?

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