Geek Overload: My Exalted character

As many of you have heard, I’m back in business… the roleplaying business that is. The playing of RPG business. Not so much business, I guess. Anyway, I’ve joined the first (of hopefully many) game with these new RPG folk, and I’m playing Exalted. A sailing explorer Eclipse albino, to be exact. Read on if you want to hear his character background that I threw together in about 15 minutes.

Pale Gull

Pale Gull earned his name growing up as a street urchin in Chiaroscuro, his pale flesh darting blindingly onto the sun-drenched decks of the port, stealing food, money, and whatever else he chanced upon. He never knew his father, and his mother always refused to speak of him, but the taunts of the other children painted many pictures for him: That his father was wyld-touched, or was one of the albino Djala people. In any case, Gull’s skin was alabaster white, and no amount of sun would burn or darken it, diminishing his attractive looks to merely average.

His affinity for the docks (and fear of being beat to death by angry sailors) eventually forced him to legitimacy, first as a stevedore loading ships, then eventually as a matie on a trading vessel. His love for heights, exploration, and natural agility soon won him a spot as a rigs-man and Crow’s Nest scout on the merchant ships, as well as re-affirming his name for all time.

On one voyage, the vessel was waylaid by an enchanting Fae Noble, whose beauty stunned the crew, leaving their guard down for a massive storm she brought forth. Only Pale Gull, though beguiled as any man, had the courage and conviction to stand forth against her, and shout over the waves an entreaty to peace– a way to placate the Fae without drowning the whole ship.
Thus, Pale Gull lay with the ravenous Fair Folk mistress, and in so doing negotiated the freedom of his crew. But before the Fae left, she violated her bargain, slicing the captain to ribbons in her
shimmering claws, and turning to do the same to Gull. It was then that the Sun shone upon Pale Gull and exalted him into triumph. His pact with the Fae Noble was made sacrosanct, and she fled back into the Wyld.

The crew, never devout believers of the Immaculate Faith anyway, rewarded Gull with a Captaincy and their loyalty. They accompanied him on many journeys over the next few years, including braving a hidden isle that shrouded a glorious temple to the Sun, where Gull discovered his Orichalcum sword and armor.

One a return trip to Chiaroscuro, Gull was convinced that there were others, like him, touched by the Sun, and that together, they could rebuild a glorious world. And, more importantly to Gull, they could force back the veils of darkness, explore the outer edges of Creation, and see things no man had seen in millennia. Thus, he joined the Cult of the Immaculate.

So.. yeah. We were told to make CotI characters from Chiaroscruo. Tada! He’s an Eclipse caste with lots of Athletics and Melee Charms, a Waveclever Daiklaive, and a Hearthstone that lets him walk on water.

Aren’t I a geek?

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