Kayaking Good, Clumsiness Bad

Yesterday, I had some ups and downs (both literal and figurative). The weather was hot, the wind was nonexistant, and Teisha and I were downtown for the Big Dog Parade. This all conspired to bring Teisha and I to a rent-a-kayak place on the Wharf, and a Kayaking we went! Read on for Kayaking experiences and to learn how my clumsiness landed my cell phone in Davy Jones’ Locker (and no, I didn’t bring it with me on the Kayak).

The Ocean Kayaking turned out very well. I’ve been before, and loved it, but Teisha has had a little trepidation about being tossed around by waves in a little kayak (and what about the sharks!). It worked out really well, though, and we had a good time kayaking around the harbor, visiting the sea lions out on a buoy, and exploring the starfish on the underside of the wharf.

When we got back, sun-baked and tired, we retrieved all our possessions from the kayak stand and set to getting everything back in it’s proper place. I made the mistake of placing my cellphone on my shirt… and then absent-mindedly grabbing my shirt. It was like a Hollywood moment– my cellphone, skipping across the wooden slates, then stopping, perched at the edge of the wooden dock, hovering precariously, twisting, tipping (at this point, my body is responding to my brain’s frantic urges and I’m leaping towards it)…. and finally, tipping off. Down a 15 ft drop. Into the ocean. D’oh!

So, needless to say, I’m thankful for the insurance I have on my cell phone, letting me pay a $50 deductible and have a new phone shipped to me by Tuesday.

Still, all and all, it was a wonderful day. 🙂

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I just wanted to say… yay for new cell phone! And it turned out to be not all that bad afterall — you’ve got a new phone you like with new features (now you can check your email while at the beach!) and it’s not all banged up yet (I know — I’ll give it time). Anyway, just thought I’d comment 🙂

teisha - June 27th, 2006 at 11:00 pm

Well, since this thread is (kind of) about cell phone tragedy, I’ll add my story here. It’s just advance notice since you’ll all be getting an email repeating much of the same information in a few days.

How Colleen Was Robbed at Gunpoint

It all started out as a usual night of swing dancing: dance to a live band till 12:30/1am then head to a nearby 24hr diner for refreshing victuals. Granted neither is in a great part of town, but I always get someone to walk me from the dance place to my car. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so smart as to do the same from my car to the diner. I parked under a street lamp in the lot we usually all park in, a space away from any other car (just in case someone were to jump out and kidnap me) and put my cell phone in my purse “just in case something happens”. I got out of my car, locked it and walked about 20 ft in my flirty skirt and 3″ high super-cute espadrilles, when I see this guy run up. At first I think it’s one of my friends from the dance…until I see that he has a gun. Thankfully, he never actually pointed the gun at me — it was always pointed at the ground. But he said something about giving him all my stuff, and after years of countless self-defense emails, I threw the purse in one direction and ran in the other! No easy feat in 3″ heels 😉

Anyway, after a long story of wandering around St. Louis in bare feet, breaking into my own car and near electrocution, I managed to start my car and drive home at last.

Today, a good samaritan found my purse with everything in it except for the cash (a grand total of $13) and my cell phone.

Moral of the story: Don’t go anywhere by yourself. Or don’t move to St. Louis. But you all already knew that 😉

Mallorn - June 28th, 2006 at 9:14 pm

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