Code Sharing — Play a Random File on Linux

Some random geekery: I wrote this bash script a long time ago, but its served me well so I thought I’d post it on the vast Internet, in hope that maybe someone else may someday get use out of it. Google, don’t fail me now! Anyway, my linux bash script to randomly select a video file and play it follows below.

count=`ls /path/to/your/videos |wc -l`
let "pick = $RANDOM % $count"
let "pick += 1"
kaffeine -p "/path/to/your/videos/`ls /path/to/your/videos|sed -n "$pick"p`"

There we go, sent out for posterity.

One Response to “Code Sharing — Play a Random File on Linux”

Funny that you wrote that so long ago and only now decided to post it for the world to use 🙂 All you have to do now is be able to “grade” your videos and be able to have it pick out of your top favorites (yes, like iTunes!) so we wouldn’t have to see some of our less-favorite later-season Simpsons over and over…

Teisha - March 21st, 2007 at 3:38 pm

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