Where Was I?

I was going over my links tonight, and I realized that I haven’t posted anything on ParadoxDruid.com in quite a while. It’s never intentional– I love the opportunity to have a soapbox on the internet, and I hope that if you see this page you enjoy it. I have a new theory to sum up my vacancy, then: You never lose old responsibilities, you just gain new ones. Hence, the older you are, the more things you’re trying to juggle at once. I assume by the time I’m seventy, I’ll be too busy to sleep. More prattle and things that have been going on if you continue…

The things that keep me most busy are, predictably, my work and Teisha’s work. My work because my project isn’t going so hot. This project may yet fail– we’re supposed to submit a grant in two weeks, but we don’t have nearly the data that would require. On top of money– it’s just not working. It’s a frustrating situation. Teisha’s work because there have been a few tense moments, such as one of the labs Teisha enjoyed working at not having funding, and organizing a fourth rotation. It’s not technically my stress– but I try to be there for Teisha and help, and it has worn us both out.

Beyond that, though, there is some mirth and merry-making to be had. I have some great friends, Ted and Christina, that we’ve been seeing more of (and they’re moving nearby soon- yay!). With them, and other friends like Paul or Nathan, Teisha and I have been watching anime, playing RPGs, and taking night-walks. It’s nice to have plans and things to do.

This summer promises to be busy and fun: I’m teaching General Chemistry 1C, which is a great opportunity for me and should be very rewarding. I also want to take SCUBA lessons, and get some roleplaying GMing in. On top of that, Teisha and I want to take some fun vacations. Oh, and maybe I’ll get some work done, too, or start a new less-doomed project.

So, hypothetical reader, what have you been up to?

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As a slight aside, I first saw a response to your idea, “You never lose old responsibilities, you just gain new ones,” in a pedagogy article (of all things) back when I was getting a teaching credential in California circa 1990. The article stated it something like: With every decision we make about our future, there is a sense of loss. The loss is the closing of the path(s) we are not choosing. This was a concept that startled me, because I have a tendency to simply layer more and more interests and hobbies on top of old ones, until life becomes somewhat unmanageable (you’ve seen my sewing area, my book piles, our collection of animals, etc!)– your “just gain new ones” outcome for some of us!

More directly — so sorry your lab project hasn’t been giving results suitable for funding and advanced degrees! (I love the quote, from somewhere, “We call it research because we don’t know what’s going to happen…”) I guess you’ve been doing REAL research.
So, more important than ever to continue those wonderful things that you find personally restorative and rewarding, mirthful and merry-making — and, of course, having fun with Teisha through it all!

Meg - June 6th, 2007 at 9:53 am

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