Oblivious pets?

Alright, so this might be stretching it for a post, but it will have some cute pictures of, and a short story about, my parents’ oblivious dog, Willie the sheltie, and the local neighborhood fox. Any one else have cute pet pictures or interesting pet stories? My dad took these pictures, so he might have a better narrative, but basically this fox has been hanging around our yard for probably over a few years now, but I never heard he felt quite this relaxed there — here he is just laying around under a fruit tree as if he owned the place:
The Pet Fox
We’ve seen him under our neighbor’s trees like this, but they don’t have a fenced yard like ours or dogs. Then he probably noticed something and got up a little, but is still not concerned really:
Fox Sitting
Then along came their cat, Moakie, who clearly sees the fox and is not too happy about his presence, but I don’t think the fox has spotted her at all, or maybe doesn’t really care:
Moakie and the Fox
Then our brilliant sheltie, Willie, was let out and went over to greet Moakie. However, Willie is completely oblivious of the fox ten feet away, though it clearly sees Willie (well, Willie would have had to trot across half the yard to get to Moakie…).
Oblivious Willie
And that’s all the pictures I’ve got but I heard that Willie, eventually, noticed the fox, ran after it, and it jumped on top of our fence where it sat for a while watching as Willie fiercely barked from below…
Unfortunately, as cute as the fox is, it actually killed several of our chickens about a year ago, and my parents will really have to be on the guard watching the new chicks they bought this spring as the foxes also had a den of pups last year less than a block away that are probably on the prowl now as well. So anyway, just wanted to share the story and pictures… anyone else have some cute animal pictures or oblivious pet stories?

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Dad should have sent you the last picture he took, of the fox standing on top of the horse corral fence, looking down at Willie as though he had no idea at all why the sheltie would now be barking at him…. I have heard stories of a fox and a dog becoming friends, and actually playing with each other — I’m sure that is Willie’s secret desire. She just doesn’t have the necessary fox-like social skills!

Meg - June 15th, 2007 at 3:17 pm

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