Magic: The Puzzling part 2

So In keeping with an earlier post from paradox somehow my sweet g/f’s green black deck got eaten.  It was a decent deck but could be stopped easily with a terror where she likes big creatures, possibly ones the grow.  But what she really likes is she likes to make you lose life and her gain life, she also likes to try to reap some benefit on that.  I’ve been playing around on websites and looking for gain some lose some deck.  She also likes to pound on you with large creatures.  Does anyone have a suggestion for either some kind of theme deck or some kind of combo? 
I’m planning on surprising her with it for xmas so I have some time to think.  I’m not married to green black but thats what shes used to, I think black white may be better for this kind of deck, but lets see what kind of combos you guys can come up with.

Her old decks combo

Ageless entity

Well of lost dreams 

I think there was some card that turned damage to an opponent to into life for you.

So gain life, draw cards etc etc.

I’m open to any suggestions.

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