Day 16 of Japan: Returning to America

Here’s our last pictures of the trip– we’re safe and sound at home now. Travelogue complete!

It was with some sadness that we left our little cozy hotel room in the New Izu hotel, which was like a second home to us by now and where we knew our way around so well… and even the people at the front desk knew us well! The first picture is where much of this travelogue was written. I’m quite grateful to have such a nice laptop for the trip! The second picture is the view outside our window (on the 5th floor — our first room was on the 2nd floor, but the exact same place on the floor). We were right above a Lawson’s that came to know us well. Andrew snapped a picture of a “Western-style” room as we went to check out — third picture.

For the last time, we got breakfast at Pronto, where I think we had breakfast most days in Tokyo (less than a block from our hotel) — 4th picture. We again got a toast-style thing with egg and cheese and meat pieces and probably cream cheese within that made it extra sweet. Teisha got a half-toast piece with a cute monster face on a piece of (maybe?) meat (top right corner). We also got a pizza-like thing and a milky bun — we couldn’t resist the cow on it. And Andrew got some tasty hot cocoa.

We then made our way to the Ueno station where we could grab a 1-hour train directly to the airport (it was great being near such a big subway/train station). We had to capture something we saw the first day of our trip — on the airport trains they automatically rotate all the chairs so they’re all facing the front!! Pictures 5 through 9 are trying to show this (it was hard to capture but Andrew did a great job!). Teisha got her last tasty milk tea and then we got on the train to the airport. We passed many rice fields as we went out of the city (after a long time!), and as we got to Narita, the town where the airport is, everything became much greener — there are some beautiful little forest hills around there. It was just amazing how where there wasn’t concrete things were so green.

Once at the airport and through security we went rummaging for food and Andrew discovered that half the airport is made up of shops and food courts. Seems quite typical. 10 hours later in L.A., we had two hours to catch our connection to Santa Barbara and just barely made it — after going through initial checking, we had to grab our checked luggage (which took forever — huge flight!) and go through customs. Somehow we were part of the minority that looked like we did not need to be checked by Customs and made it out (over half the plane was flagged!) … and ran around LAX to the right terminal, only to be redirected (our flight was Delta, but the plane was run by one of its subsidiaries — American Eagle — glad Delta figured this out). Running to our gate we found we had to catch a little bus to a little American Eagle area. While on the bus on the runway Andrew took a picture of a plane getting ready to take off nearby! (4th and 5th from last pictures) We made it to our gate with 10 minutes to spare before boarding.

The 18 minute flight from LAX to Santa Barbara was rather beautiful, though a bit overcast. We took pictures of what must have been somewhere on the 101 highway between Ventura and Santa Barbara.

Lastly is a picture of our treasure from Japan. We were actually sorting out everything to give to close friends and family. Most of it was won in claw machines by the amazing Teisha. The little green things are edamame beans, which are quite popular in Japan and have their own TV show (and yes, were all won by Teisha). We feel a bit silly for also getting chopsticks and folding fans, but that’s what people expect, right? There are also some purple and white cylinder things that Teisha had no idea what they were when she won them, but they turn out to be hollow cylinders of a cheeto-like substance.

And that concludes our travelogue of our honeymoon to Japan! Hope you all enjoyed it and feel free to comment!! 🙂


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Thanks P-druids Teisha/Andrew for great travelogue of Japan. Great informative commentary and super pictures. Loved one of the last shots of Teisha surveying her souvenir booty on the hotel bed. While I’m sure you will travel lots more, may the memories you’ve made on this magical trip stay with you a lifetime. Sayonara, Barb H. (Friend of Sonja/James)

Barb Holland - June 5th, 2009 at 1:13 pm

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