For those of you who play City of Heroes…

I’ve been working on how I’ll re-specify the powers of my superhero, the incomparable Dr. Impulse, once he is exposed to the mutagenic power surges of the Terra Volta reactor core. My current plan of changes is as follows:

Current Powers Proposed Powers

What do you think?

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I would six slot your transfusion the next chance you get.

Gilvoro - September 12th, 2004 at 8:59 pm

I take it you aren’t too worried about endurance requirements? It seems that quite a few of the powers that had end reducers no longer have them.

Druid, Gilvoro, would the two of you mind too much if we wait a week and a half after Issue 2 is released to actually do the Terra Volta Respec mission? I would like to give the devs a chance to put the new fear style into the test server and find out if they modified the fear powers in the presense power pool to have the new fear style.

Gilvoro, since I doubt that you know about this change. They decided to give mind controllers and dark miasma defenders some love. Terrify and a couple of the DMD powers, along with some other fear powers (Geko said it was a wide ranging change but Statesman said that not all fear powers will get the new effect), will now act like a modified sleep. The enemy is immobilized for the duration of the fear and won’t act unless acted against, and then only at a maximum of 1-for-1. So fear becomes something in between sleep and hold.

If the fear changes effect the powers in the presense pool then I’m going to respec and get those so that by level 28 I should have 2 AE holds, 2 AE fears, 1 AE sleep, 1 single target hold, 1 single target fear, 1 single target sleep and 1 single target confuse. Then I will be THE controller. 😀

stephen - September 14th, 2004 at 3:23 pm

From my tests (only 3) it does take 2 controllers (one mind and one illusion) to keep an archvillian down. They have a magnitude of about 20. How I calculated it was that my holds last about 25 seconds on an even level (ie, red con) archvillian. During that time I can get Total Domination, and two Dominations on one, as well has my toggle hold telekinesis, which brings it up to 12. If you add flash plus two blinds we have 21, which was enough to put a level 21 hold on the clockwork king, which worked (for about 3 seconds). In theory, if I were to get hasten and a speed boost I could get TK, TD and 5 Dominates on a boss of equal level, which is a magnitude 21 hold.

I plan on getting two SO recharge rates, which should change my recharge from 8 seconds to 6 seconds, with a 1 second casting time, so a total of 7 seconds. Half that with speed boost and hasten and I would have 6 dominates and TK, which is enough. Too bad I refuse to get hasten so I would need another kinetics defender/controller with speed boost to allow me to hold an archvillian.

Oh, just so you know, Statesmans comment on being able to hold an AV by themselves was only after he mentioned the change to archvillians. That will occur around when the fear change takes place and will put up an animation showing when they have their magnitude 20 defense, but when that animation goes down they will only have a magnitude 5 defense, like any other boss. I think that Mind Control is the ONLY controller who, if they have the correct build and has the right supporting cast, can hold an archvillian by themselves. Telekinesis and our 1 second casting time (same as fire. Ice and earth have 2 seconds and illusion and gravity have 3 seconds) are what make the difference. MCs can put on that mag. 3 hold which is a toggle, which gives us the chance of getting to 21. Fire can only reach 18 since immobilize + dissorient doesn’t effect the hold magnitude, the others can only reach 15 due to their casting times.

stephen - September 15th, 2004 at 12:47 am

Yeah, I was aware of the upcoming change to AVs, though I was under the impression that when their defenses were not “down”, their hold reistsance magnitude would be set to 100 or something equally impossible, so that it can’t become a “snooze fest”.

…and don’t doubt getting doulbe Kinetics to help you out.. I team with Bakemono a lot, a Illusion/Kinetics controller. You should see Dark Blunt, a lvl 29 Fire/Fire blaster when he has 2 speed boosts on him– unstoppable!

I’m glad that Mind Controllers are the most powerful controllers in at least one sense. They sacrifice the versatility of some other defenders (no pet, no high damage abilities, etc), and seem the most ‘pure’ of the controllers.

Paradoxdruid - September 15th, 2004 at 1:34 am

AVs do have an insanely high magnitude. Statesman specifically stated that he didn’t want any one controller making it a boring snooze fest but a group of two had a chance of effecting them, three was more likely. There were never any numbers, and people who were in groups of three Ill. controllers would talk about how they couldn’t hold an AV (blind has only a 10% inherent accurace bonus, whereas all of the other single target holds have 20%).

stephen - September 15th, 2004 at 2:53 am

Hey Stephen-

I doubt all of us (or me, at least) will even be level 24 when the Respec patch goes live, so I’m sure we’ll have some time… plus, I’d like to arrange it for a reliable damage dealer or two (Maybe Dark Blunt– great Blaster) to join us, to help blast through the swarms that we’ll inevitably encounter. That takes time to arrange, too. So I wouldn’t worry.

Regarding my changes- Yeah, I’m not too worried about Endurance. At lvl 26 I get Transference, which hits a bad guy and gives anyone around him (including me!) over half of their endurance bar back… Every Kin I’ve talked to says keeping 2 or so toggles up after level 26 is cake, even without Stamina. Since i’ll just have Stealth and Tactics on most of the time, and Manuevers only sometimes, I should be set.

(and damn– that’s a LOT of control powers. Statesman said in his vision, a very-well built controller should be able to hold an AV by themselves at least some of the time… I think that wouldn’t be a challenge for you)

Paradoxdruid - September 14th, 2004 at 4:56 pm

I hit shit…..

Gilvoro - September 16th, 2004 at 6:03 pm

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