Community Garden, Part II

The gardening has continued. Once we cleared all of the weeds, our next task was to make the soil rich again. I’m not going to lie, this involved shoveling a loot of poop. Ten wheelbarrows full of manure, to be exact, plus a few more full of fresh compost. Since the community garden doesn’t allow roto-tilling (the oil on the blades can get in the soil), it also involved a lot of spading. After that, we just needed to do some planting, and then I spent some time setting up a drip irrigation system. New photos in the main Garden photo album, and highlighted photos below!

Weeded garden
First off, here’s the garden cleared of weeds.

after planting
Followed by after planting.

Teisha did a great job planting our Tomatoes.

trimmed apple tree
Teisha also trimmed back the Apple tree.

trellis tomatoes
We ended up putting up trellises for the Tomatoes, and then I installed drip lines.

onions and cantaloupe
There’s also drip lines for the rest (like the onions and Cantaloupe shown here).

zucchini drippers
The Zucchini gets special treatment- drippers aimed right on the plant.

The drip irrigation system is all tied into an 8-line manifold, which will soon be on a timed cycle.

onion sprout
And lastly, we’re finally seeing our first sprouts! First, of onions

cantaloupe sprout
and also of Cantaloupe!

2 Responses to “Community Garden, Part II”

We in Boulder are so jealous! A beautiful warm day today, but it will freeze multiple nights to come, so our frost-tender seeds (such as cantaloupe) can’t go in for some time (unless protected by ‘walls of water’).

meg - April 9th, 2010 at 8:19 pm

What a beautiful garden! I am envious. I am looking out our back window at empty beds and wishing they looked like your garden. It’s a beautiful day here today, close to 70°F, makes me want to run out and plant a bunch of tomato plants. But after many years of been fooled by the Boulder weather and waking up in the morning to find all the beautiful plants dead, I have learned it is better to wait a few more weeks.

Bob - April 10th, 2010 at 9:25 am

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