And I Thought Mondays Were Supposed to Suck

Not Tuesdays. But, then, I suppose that there was no way I could uneventfully get Gilvoro to his interview . . .

So, at about 3:00 this afternoon I left my place of work to go home and pick up Gilvoro. You see, he had an interview at my place of work at 4:00. So, we figured that I’d pick him up, take him to Eppendorf, work until his interview was over, and then we’d go home together. Well, I was travelling South on Main St- with Gilvoro in tow- and was in the righthand turn lane for Ken Pratt. (Many of you will realize this is two blocks or so from our apartment). I was edging up and noticed that an SUV going North on Main was trying to outrun the light and turn left onto Ken Pratt, so I hit the brakes to avoid hitting him. Sadly, the truck behind didn’t respond as quickly and hit me.

Yes. My rear left light and bumper got hit. Not to mention my trunk, which doesn’t close quite right anymore. So, we call the police and exchange information. And Gilvoro calls our HR manager to let her know he’ll be late for the interview because, yes, he was in a car accident. I felt kind of bad. The guy who hit me was really nice and apologetic. I wish it had been some asshole who was tailgating me and acting like a moron. Not a nice guy who made a tiny error that any of us could have. It was a total accident . . . his truck looked fine. But not my poor Alero. ::sigh:: Anyway, he got a ticket and I got Gilvor to Eppendorf around 4:30.

I guess it’s okay. My car’s drivable and somebody’s insurance will pay for a rental when it goes into the shop. And Gilvoro thinks that his interview went well. Isn’t life just a bitch sometimes, though?

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This truck wasn’t a semi, was it?

Owen - September 15th, 2004 at 6:32 am

… At least you noticed the car turning and didn’t let it smack into your side of the car, which could quite possibly have done more than damaged only your car. And, none of it was your error. Things could have been a lot worse… I’m glad that you both are alright.

Teisha - September 14th, 2004 at 11:41 pm

The two of you are all right, yes? I’m assuming since you didn’t mention anything about it, but just want to make sure.

The two of you have the worst luck with cars, don’t you?

stephen - September 15th, 2004 at 12:26 am

Remember to talk on your cell phone and drink a Starbucks triple-skinny latte while you drive it 🙂

Owen - September 16th, 2004 at 6:34 am

Yeah, we’re both alright. And we don’t have good luck with cars. And hell no, it wasn’t a semi. I’d probably be in some psych ward being evaluated if it had been . . . Teisha, in case you’re wondering, I got side-swiped by a semi-truck twoish years ago. It snapped the rear axle of my car and totaled it. The car that got hit yesterday was the replacement.

And for an update: His insurance company said that I couldn’t get into for an appraisal until Saturday in Littleton or the 27th in Boulder. I said, screw it. I’ll go through my insurance and be reimbursed once they get the money from his insurance. So, I took my car into the shop for an estiment, thinking I’d be there for 30 minutes. Then the freaking manager comes out and says “This car isn’t safe to drive. If I were you, I’d leave it here and get a rental.” Me: “What’s wrong” Him: “Oh, with the way your trunk won’t latch carbon monoxide is leaking from your tailpipe into the trunk and probably into the car” There was more, but I said yes.

45-60 minutes later Enterprise arrives with my new rental . . . a sexy, silver . . . minivan. I kid you not. I feel like a freaking soccer mom driving it. But at least my car is on its way to being repaired and I don’t have to pay for anything except the taxes on the rental.

ShortSpeedFreak - September 15th, 2004 at 10:02 pm

Go soccer mom, Meg! Honestly, I really liked my mini-van in high school- I could cart a lot of people around easily, it got decent gas mileage, and you had a nice elevated view of traffic.

Paradoxdruid - September 16th, 2004 at 2:12 am

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