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Whistling dixie as the ship sinks

Ever wake up and realize that that spinning is no longer the rotational forces exerted by the earth’s orbit, that it is actually your life slowly unraveling. A long time ago I laid out a simple plan for the direction of my life. (ME + wife)*(MS+PhD) = job^happiness. Well, I got the wife and shortly thereafter what I discovered was that no matter how hard I tried I was in a doldrum. No motivation to do the things I want to; no desire to accomplish the goals or even basic responsibilities. It’s a terrible feeling to see everything you need to do and just not have the motivation to finish or even start any of it. (continued)


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My first first-author paper!

Just wanted to share that my first first-author paper is now online! In the journal Stem Cells and Development, here’s my paper on “Roles of Integrins in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Growth on Matrigel and Vitronectin.”

The Future of Scientific Publishing

Just read a fascinating (if lengthy) essay on disruptive technology and the future of scientific publishing. Well worth the read!


Just wanted to share’s Visual Guide to Deflation, which is quite explanatory.

All Things Stem Cell

Hey all Paradoxdruid readers! I recently started up a blog on stem cells that I’d love you all to take a look at:

Barely Literate: The Fermata

I participated in another Barely literate book review podcast, this time on Nicholson Baker’s “The Fermata”. Give it a listen!

Time for Change

Obama has outlined a strategy for America, in great depth. Read all about!

Free Rice

Okay, I’ll admit that it’s entirely possible that I am the last person to learn about this website*, but it’s really addictive. 


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