Shelly says she's tired of being the "bad cop" while her husband is always giving in to their 6-year-old daughter, Madison, because he hates any type of confrontation. The Show Says Everything's Fine", "Bombshell Allegation Against Dr. Phil Show", "Better not lie to this former FBI investigator from Oxnard", "Live polygraph test for accused Call of Duty cheater ends before the good part",, Outstanding Daytime Promotional Announcement, Outstanding Achievement in Main Title and Graphic Design, This page was last edited on 26 April 2023, at 23:03. Lauren Dumolo, a young mother, disappeared over a year-and-a-half ago. Arielle's younger siblings say how her addiction has affected them. What's Behind Taylor's Alleged Flashbacks? She claims his split from reality is making him think their mother Rozanna is out to destroy him. A Masseuse Facing Allegations of Sexual Assault: Polygraph Results Revealed! Since September 2008, Dr. Phil has been broadcast in HDTV with a revamped look and a theme written and performed by McGraw's son, Jordan. The Dr. Phil show premiered on September 16, 2002. Listen up as Dr. Phil gets to the real reasons behind his guests' addictive behaviors. Rebecca says her best friend, Jane, is being scammed by her online boyfriend, "Jonathan," who claims he is stuck on a construction site in Miami. A version of this story first appeared in the Jan. 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Per county health guidelines, quarantine is not mandated for personnel of a film or media production operating in the county when traveling here solely for the purpose of employment on a film or media production, and per intel received by THR, show guests qualify for special consideration which places them under the production and thus, exempts them from a mandatory quarantine. There are no inadequacies. Occasional prime-time specials have aired on CBS. 2 Years Later: Have Views on Black Lives Changed? My Wifes Daughter is Ruining Our Marriage, Sex Abuse Accusations Ruined My Run for Congress and My Relationship with My Daughter. Two sisters thinks their mother is being scammed by her online boyfriend for four years. Phil' Through 2023 In New Mega Deal Extension With CBS Television Distribution", "Blunt Advice And No Pity Get Ratings For Dr. Phil (Published 2002)", "MEDIA; Dr. Phil, Medicine Man (Published 2003)", "Phil McGraw To Host 'Dr. Our 12-Year-Old Daughter is Breaking Down Our Family! Ive Lost Control of My 16-Year-Old Daughter Who Spent 38 Days in Juvenile Hall, Party Girl Cassidy Returns: Her Mothers Final Ultimatum, Parents Worst Nightmare: Babysitter Accused of Murder, My Husband is Accused of Plotting To Kill Me, My Husband is Accused of Plotting to Kill Me: His Mistress Speaks. Dr. Phils 3,000th Show -- With Bonus Footage! Jan 21, 2021 60 mins. Rate. Anna claims her younger sister Alexandra has been dealing with severe "hypochondria" since she was a child, and it's ruining her life. Dr. Phil follows up with some of his favorite guests to see if they were able to turn their lives around after talking with him. Reality: Addicted to Like? In 2007, Chris Vaughn was found limping away from his SUV with two gunshot wounds. Sandi's daughters say she is being scammed for either money or a Green Card. Death row inmate Richard Glossip says he was wrongfully accused of the murder of Barry Van Treese in January 1997. Michelle says she's exhausted trying to keep up with Raymond's latest diagnoses and trying new medications. Mom: Give Me Back My Daughter. But James Addie couldn't legally marry Molly Watson. Sandy says Kelli needs to face her traumas. Christopher Bennet breaks into his stepfather's home and catches him molesting his sister, Viccy. It's a wake-up call to people who argue in front of their kids. The executive producers are Phil McGraw and showrunner Oprah Winfrey. She says he left his home, marriage, children and job and began street performing and preaching as "Cowboy Tygg.". Dr. Phil International Investigation: Where is "Sammie Lee Strong"? My Wife is Punishing Me for An Affair I Swear Never Happened. Lori and Bob say they are being buried alive by their belongings and only have a small path to maneuver around their house. After the 2020 Election: Families Divided. It's been almost four months since 5-year-old Summer Wells vanished from her home in rural Tennessee. Dr. Phil and Dr. Borba have a frank discussion about how negative parenting can damage a child's development in a major way. The life strategist offers advice on a wide range of topics, including marital, financial and self-image issues. Stay up-to-date on all the latest Rotten Tomatoes news! The mom feels guilty that she broke her promise to her daughter when she weds Dustin and bore children with him. Now, Dr. Phil's investigation of "Fred" continues with a visit to Jamaica. Syndicated | Other | Syndie | Air Date: September 16, 2021. Im Engaged to a Womanizing, Love-Bombing Psychopath! Dr. Phil looks into some evidences from a woman that claims that her husband has been unfaithful. My Family is Sabotaging My Life and My Inheritance, I Believe Im Engaged to Bret Michaels and Texting Daily with Nikki Six, Help! He also meets Jerry, a Californian man who claims he was falsely accused of raping a woman. Three former athletes of University of Michigan claims that they have been sexually abused by their late athletic doctor. McGraw said in a 2001 South Florida newspaper interview that he never liked traditional one-on-one counseling, and that "I'm not the Hush-Puppies, pipe and 'Let's talk about your mother' kind of psychologist. Bodhi Schofield is sitting slumped over in an office chair, staring straight ahead. Four families share about their experience in losing their children after buying counterfeit pills with fentanyl online. A police chief in Texas is arrested after having several affairs outside of his marriage. It's Dr. Phil and Robin!/ Phanatics' Biggest Questions. How Do I Parent My Jekyll and Hyde Daughter? 8. Dr. Phil takes a look back and celebrates 20 years. Jeremy owns his own funeral escort company. Markey's mom reveals to her that the man she knew to be her biological father may not be her dad. Sarah's money is held in a conservatorship, which she regrets agreeing to, and her husband, Robert, says it's controlling their lives. Terri claims her 68-year-old sister Denise is mooching off her aging parents. Beaten, Robbed and Left for Dead: Help Save My Beautiful Daughter from the Streets! Plus, Dr. Phil's experts discuss the infamous slap between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. Parents Donna and Ivy say Arielle's drug addiction has caused a lot of tension in their marriage. Inmate on Death Row: Review of the Evidence. A mother claims that her daughter goes out of control when she's drunk. Tue Jan 04, . What Ever Happened to the Fat Guy Biking Across America? There is no Audience Score because there are not enough user ratings at this time. Dr. Phil speaks with advocates, experts, residents and people currently experiencing homelessness. Rate. [11] McGraw's critics regard advice given by him to be at best simplistic, and at worst, ineffective. 0. Dr. Phil is an American daytime talk show and TV series with host and personality Dr. Phil McGraw, who offers advice from his experience as a psychologist. Disney, Warner Bros., Universal and Netflix all pushed back filming schedules due to the surge, as did CBS, home to Dr. Phil. Track Dr. Phil season 19 episodes. Gina claims that Brian is homeless and is struggling with substance abuse. Brutal Murders, Claims of Wrongful Conviction, We Escaped a Cult: Survivors Reunite After 30 Years, Drinking Alcohol, Cleaning Supplies, Bug Spray: My Twins Deadly Addiction, An Anxious Daughter, an Animal Rescue and a Surprising Reunion, Up to 18 Allegations of Sexual Misconduct: Help Me Clear My Name!. Dr. Phil finds the man behind the photos of Anna's alleged boyfriend but two women says he isn't telling the whole truth. T. Phil Gave Me a Second Chance. Neighborhood Prankster or Menace to Society? Keira says her mother, Karen, has always put her husband, James, first. Drugs and Lies, A Mother Accused: Can She Get Her Daughter Back? The program is recorded before a live studio audience in Stage 29 on the Paramount Pictures lot in Hollywood, California. Brandy and Megan claim that their grandma believes that she is in a relationship with Post Malone. Kristen doesn't think she is a hoarder but claims her "collection of things" has created a problem. Theresa discovers that her husband was allegedly planning to overdose her with fentanyl while leading a double life. [4], In February 2022, around a dozen current and former employees of Dr. Phil alleged that they experienced "verbal abuse in a workplace that fosters fear, intimidation, and racism". A woman says her ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter gives her anxiety. Dr. Phil takes a closer look at the psychology of obesity. A mother and daughter blame one another for their dysfunctional relationship. 0. He accuses Rachel of cheating on him and claims last year, she hired a hitman to have him murdered. Mind and Body. Sumyr and her partner, Wayne, say every day is a "chaotic, hellish, nightmare" because of her out-of-control 13-year-old son, Ash. Missing TV Producer: Where is Terrence Woods? By continuing, you agree to the Privacy Policy and 3. The Mystery of Melissa: Why Did She Vanish? Today, Keira confronts Karen for the first time in over a year. Faren claims that Michael's tantrums have turned into the main event in her home. Dr. Phil is an American talk show hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw. January 21, 2022. Note that if any episodes exist within other season orders, they will be retained regardless of this selection. 1. However, Courtney says her parents have recurrently invaded her privacy, and she wants them to trust her judgment. Brandon also reveals details of his head injuries from serving in the Marines. Our Daughter is Raising Our Grandson in a Filthy Death Trap! Trap says his dream is to become an MMA fighter and that social media helps with pursuing his career. 21 Jan. 2021 My Family's Is Sabotaging My Life and My Inheritance. . Accusations of Abuse and Tampering with a Corpse: What Happened to Mother God? Dustin claims that her stepdaughter Kyrah causes trouble in his marriage with her mother Amethyst. Hear her inspiring story of survival. Melanie admits that she is addicted to both digital and physical hoarding. John Pattyson, Written By: Aspiring MMA Fighter: Social Media Obsessed or Victim? Sherry claims that she flew to Nigeria to marry her boyfriend in Abuja. Our Brother is a Mooch and Our Mother Needs to Cut the Cord. Who is Telling the Truth? Addiction, a disastrous condition that takes on forms other than drugs and alcohol. Catfish Controversy: A Mom and Son Face Off! 'Dr. Phil' production ramped up earlier this month, at a time when Disney, Warner Bros., Universal and Netflix had pushed back filming . $10,000 and Counting: My Sisters Hypochondria is Ruining Her Life. . Adding to concern on Dr. Phil was that some talk show guests traveled in from outside Los Angeles, and its unclear if all who did observed a quarantine period before or after visiting. The show was ranked 6th with 5.69 million viewers on May 12, 2008. Triplet Sisters or Boyfriend: Who Will Lindsay Choose? The Oscar Slap: The Aftermath of Explosive Anger, Dr. Phil Exclusive: Anna Delvey and Friend Neff Tell All, Our Toxic Mother's Past Is Destroying Our Future. Since 2011, Dr. Phil has ranked as the top syndicated talk show, before that it was the second highest-rated talk show after The Oprah Winfrey Show. Dr. Phil is an American talk show created by Oprah Winfrey and the host Phil McGraw. Ronnie says his wife of 14 years, Kim, is punishing him for an affair he swears he did not commit. Exclusive: Brother Finds Possible Break In Case Of Missing Colorado Mom. Dr. Phil is the top-rated daytime talk show attracting millions of viewers every day alongside other talk shows, including The Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres, The Dr. Oz Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and The Steve Wilkos Show. Esther's parents say their 38-year-old daughter is nothing but a miracle. Summer Wells Disappearance: What Do the Parents Know? Adaptation of U.K. Late Night Show Mock the Week for Amazon Freevee, Donald Trump to Return to CNN for Primetime Town Hall Event, Gay U.S. Marine Drama From Norman Lear a Go at Netflix, Chlo Sevigny Is Craving Glamour: "How Many More Frumpy Mommies Can I Play? Dr. Phil shines a light on the disappearance and death of Ebby Steppach. Rate. Dr. Phil International Investigation: Where is Sammie Lee Strong? Maria says she has spent the past 20 years overwhelmed by raising her older daughter, Aly, who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Gabe's heroin habit while pregnant with her daughter caused her baby to be born prematurely. Two young people vanished and one was murdered within weeks of each other in Bakersfield, CA. [26] McGraw is noted for often bringing families back on multiple shows for follow-up "therapy" sessions in his segment called "Dr. Phil Family. In an exclusive interview, she describes the attack she claims she survived on her ride. After 21 years of marriage, Paula says she's thinking about divorcing. The woman, Chelsey, who is also James' former hairstylist, tells her side of the story. A woman claims that her husband for 28 years have been cheating on her and hacking into her phone for 15 years. Spotlighting Brian "The Bull" Barbosa, who was an Interim World Middleweight champion, but his fiance, Gina, claims Brian has not only been homeless for the past 10 years, but she also claims he is struggling with substance abuse and a traumatic brain injury from boxing. Mentally Ill or Just Awful? We Deserve Our Kids Back, Why Won't CPS Agree? The mental health of Sara's mother, Chris, has declined to such an extent. Keith says his wife of 28 years, JoLynn, recently made headline news when she was arrested for public intoxication. Then, Expert Detective Joseph Scaramucci tells Dr. Phil what to look for on your child's phone. Anna says she feels completely defeated by her adopted 11-year-old son's behavior. The mothers of the "Bakersfield 3" sit down with Dr. Phil to discuss their traumatic losses. Is it possible that an out-of-control teen got on the right path. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Its tenth season premiered on September 12, 2011. Bethany is sorely afraid of being around pregnant women, while Victoria's fear of eating gluten makes her adamant about dining at restaurants. The show also tackles topics like errant children and gift suggestions. Humble Yourself and Admit You're Cheating! Belligerent and Blacked Out But Not a Drop to Drink, The Police Chief, His Wife, and His 6 Girlfriends: The Exclusive Interview, Exclusive: Texas Police Chief Leading Secret Triple Life Speaks, Life After Death: Lethal Surgeon Sentenced to Prison, Help! Kimberly says she hates her mother and wants her dead because she'd be better off without her. In 2019, Andrea Knabel, a devoted mother of two, disappeared. COVID Debt and Controlling Husband: Should We Divorce? Check your local listings!Dr. Her daughters say growing up, their mom was emotionally void, and their home was filled with chaos. Sandy says her daughter, Kelli, has been using drugs and alcohol since she was a child and has overdosed countless times. Her father, Jim, claims that she has been slandering his name. The Mystery of Our Messy Marriage: Who's the Cheater? Danielle says this was one of the many moments of trauma and chaos Janet caused in her life. Dr. Phil and child behavioral expert Dr. Michele Borba discuss the youth mental health crisis. However her husband denies her claims, backed by their 19-year-old daughter. She has since dumped the Brazilian and gone to Turkey where she officially became engaged to her Turkish love. Tanya claims her 17-year-old son is out of control and addicted to video games, but he says his mom is overbearing. Bonnie says her family needs to be understanding. The L.A. County Public Health Department issued a mandatory directive Dec. 30 discouraging travel for nonessential purposes (filming has remained an essential business in the city) while advising a mandatory quarantine period of 10 days for anyone traveling by air, car, train, or any other means, directly or indirectly from a point of origin outside the Southern California region.. Stephanie claims her brother Brandon's conspiracy theories have taken over his life and are tearing their family apart. 5. We upload new videos every day, so make sure you subscribe and ring the bell for all notifications, so you don't miss a single one.Full episodes of the Dr. Phil Show premiere every weekday on CBS, with a new season premiering every fall in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Thirty years after a police raid shut down The Zion Society, some victims share their stories of survival. In July, 22-year-old Gabby Petito set . 45 S19E49: Dr. Phil International Investigation: What Will Anna Decide? Dr. Phil shares unforgettable stories past 20 years. She says Ted's anxiety is so bad that even their dog has anxiety now. Summer Wells Disappearance: What Do the Parents Know? [5] Before starting the show, McGraw had made regular appearances as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show.[6][7]. A desperate father pleads for answers about his missing daughter. Lee says his 17-year-old nephew, Dakota, is out of control. David says he met a woman named "Maria" online, and she has an inheritance of $10 million. Exclusive: 16 and Charged with Murder: Parents Claim She is the Victim. She says she's terrified for the other children living in her home and fears that her son may seriously hurt someone if things don't change now. [22][23][24], Guests on the show sometimes undergo polygraph tests. Addicted to Enabling My Alcoholic Daughter, Running on Empty: A Broken Family, Part 1, Running on Empty: A Broken Family, Part 2. My Narcissistic Drama Queen Teen is Dead to Me, Something is Seriously Wrong with My Mother, 90210 Star AnnaLynne McCord Reveals Dissociative Identity Disorder Diagnosis. Production ramped up Jan. 4 after the holiday break in Los Angeles, at a time when the city was plagued by record-high COVID-19 numbers, hospitalizations and record-low ICU capacity. Josh says after years of battling addiction, there's one thing that his little brother, Dustin, just cannot quit, and that's his bulimia. From Football Star to Manic Episodes: Can My Son Be Helped? A prominent family has been tied to the deaths of a housekeeper, a high school classmate, and a young woman in a boat crash; in 2021, Alex Murdaugh reportedly found his wife and son shot dead on their property, setting off a bizarre chain of events. They say Marie is extremely violent, disrespectful and accusatory. Laurie says her dad, John, is in "total denial" about being a terrible hoarder. Has the "hoarding couple" finally cleaned up their house. On October 25, 2018, it was announced that Dr. Phil had been renewed for four additional seasons, taking the show to 2023, or the end of its 21st season,[4] which would be confirmed to be its last in January of that year. Deanna says she's been really down on herself since she was diagnosed with alopecia. PHIL through its 21st season. Their older sister, Antonia, claims their dad, Tom, is the reason for the family trauma because he's a sociopath, abusive and an alcoholic, accusations Tom vehemently denies. Click here to subscribe. My Twin Sister Thinks She is Etta James Reincarnated! Dr. Phil speaks with parents who have experienced the dark side of the internet. Deanna's best friend and husband ask Dr. Phil if he can help. Exclusive Police Footage Revealed: What Really Happened to JoLynn? After 23 years on death row, Richard says he has gone to deathwatch to await execution three separate times and still believes he will be exonerated. Cheryl and her husband, Lance, are grieving for their murdered and tortured son, Micah, whose remains were discovered this past year. Track Dr. Phil season 20 episodes. Arielle says she has struggled with over a decade-long addiction to heroin. Mercedes and her sister say that Mercedes' daughter Marie is completely out of control. An Extreme Religious Group Starved Her Baby. McKinley says that she found out that her dad went to jail for 150 days for two accounts of sexual battery of a minor. Marc says he's so angry with Nicole because he's 100% certain she's cheated on him. Dr. Phil has also done crossovers with 90 Day Fianc, Inside Edition, and Marrying Millions.Check your local listings for ALL-NEW #DrPhil episodes!https://drphil.comFacebook: you want to be on the show? The Mystery of Our Messy Marriage: Who's the Cheater? A life coach is asking Dr. Phil on how to help her teen daughter deal with her anger. The distributor will offer stations re-runs through the end of their contract to carry the program. Jane says she's in love with "Jonathan" and has been sending him money -- totaling nearly $1 million dollars. Dr. Phil meets Jeremy and takes a closer look into components of his business. Torn Between Her Heart and Head: Is Annas Boyfriend Real? Dr. Phil checks in on the development of Ryan and Heather. Lauren's father, Paul, and sister, Cassie, say they believe there's foul play involved. This is critical information for downstream systems. the Terms and Policies, and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes. Parenting Dilemma: Good Cop Dad vs. Bad Cop Mom, 'Surviving Evil' Kidnapped and Abused: Former Victims Speak Out, 'My Husband Accuses Me of Cheating With Over 170 People', My Conservatorship Keeps Me From My Millions, Public Shaming: My Fiance Humiliated Me and It Went Viral. Bob asks Dr. Phil to convince his son otherwise. Dr. Phil updates two crime stories from past shows. [17] It drew significant criticism from the public, with many suggesting that Duvall's mental illness was being exploited. Fay says that her ex-husband claims that electromagnetic frequencies have tortured him. Mark Anthony and his Russian bride-to-be Marina were counting down the days until their wedding, but the pandemic hit so they had a virtual wedding. It is a production of Peteski Productions and distributed by CBS Media Ventures. From Bowling Alley Owner to Being Scammed Out of $530,000.